Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The reason that many people get bunions is still unclear, however, some individuals have an inherited medical condition that leads to this condition. Bunions are misshapen joints at the base of the big toe. The joint itself becomes enlarged or just set differently than a normal foot. The problem can become quite painful and cause difficulty walking and while wearing any type of shoe. A South Lake Tahoe California podiatrist such as Dr. Patricia Ferraro can help patients to find relief from their bunions.

Treating Bunions
When you first meet with a podiatrist, you will be asked several questions regarding your medical history. The doctor will also examine your foot and determine whether or not they will want to perform x-rays on the foot. Treatment for bunions generally includes ice packs, warm foot baths, anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers (in severe cases). Surgery is recommended to those with a shape problem that will lead to reoccurring pain over time. Orthotics also helps patients with bunions too.

Once a patient has met with the podiatrist, they will be able to determine what treatment method will benefit them the most. It’s important to understand that each treatment plan will be relative to each patient and customized approaches are the most successful with any podiatry issue.

Get the help that you deserve with your bunions by schedule an appointment today by calling 530-541-2665. A South Lake Tahoe California podiatrist can discuss with you any questions you may have about your conditions and the treatment methods available to treat it. Don’t wait to make an appointment!

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